Saturday, December 6, 2008

Small Town Blessings

Today we went to the Prescott Christmas Parade. About 15 minutes before we were getting in the car to leave, Jordan says..."Yeah... we're gonna be IN the parade!". We hadn't planned on being in it but just going to it. Long story short...I ended up pulling Jordan and Savannah in a wagon, walking with their preschool. I was more than willing to do it and the thrill of watching the two of them was so much fun. We literally waved and said "Merry Christmas" a thousand times. The best part was all the "Prescottonians" waved and said "Merry Christmas" back! I found myself wondering..."Does this happen in other cities?" I am so blessed to live in a small town where I can walk in a parade with my child and exchange this beautiful greeting with the people I share life with. I waved and saw many people I knew that I could call out by name, smile, and shout..."Merry Christmas!" Simple pleasures....God is so good to allow us to raise a family in this precious city! Prescott....Arizona's Christmas City.....I LOVE IT!


Nyla Sanderson said...

Hi Lori,

Love your blog of the parade, I check yours and David blog once a week to keep up with those Coynes. We miss you guys, but the blog helps to know what is going on. We love you, Ny

YB'S said...

Lori!! Glad you have a blog! It is fun to see you and your family. :) Miss you!

Lindsay Weibye